Why a multiple models approach increases the performance of sensor fusion systems

Jan. 26th 2022

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Let's talk object fusion: about the "workhorse" of state-of-the-art ADAS. Eric Richter explains how the performance of object fusion systems can be improved. At BASELABS, we make these improvements available in our products. This time with the latest release of BASELABS Create Embedded, our object fusion library. Robin Schubert explains why library sourcing is a strategic advantage.

You're not so much into current-generation ADAS but heading full steam towards the next generation of automated driving? Then don't miss our upcoming webinar on next-generation sensor fusion.

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Sensor fusion – why a multiple models approach increases the sensor fusion performance

Eric Richter explains how a multiple models approach helps to predict different object classes better and thus significantly improves sensor fusion performance.

‌What is BASELABS Create Embedded?

BASELABS Create Embedded is a software library for the development of object fusion software as part of an ADAS. It makes sensor fusion algorithms available for various sensor setups and driving functions. The library follows a white-box approach and provides self-contained C-code that is ready for production usage on ECUs like the Infineon Aurix, including safety certification up to ASIL B. Engineering teams can speed up their time-to-market, focus on differentiating features, and eliminate maintenance efforts by licensing the library.

‌‌Increased sensor fusion performance: BASELABS Create Embedded 8.0 now includes Multiple Models Support

 The SDK now supports distinct models for different types of dynamic objects. For instance, a constant velocity model might be used for pedestrians, while a constant curvature model is used for vehicles. When the actual class of an object is not known, e.g., during the initialization, multiple hypotheses with different models can be created.

By this, the motion of different object classes is predicted more precisely to improve the measurement-to-track association and the overall sensor fusion performance.

‌Library sourcing as a strategic advantage

Learn why library sourcing is a winning strategy for sensor fusion software and how it combines in-house development and software licensing advantages. Strategic software sourcing - for sensor fusion software and others - is one of the most impactful factors for delivering driving automation systems in time and budget.

Next-generation sensor fusion: Join our webinar on Feb. 10th, 20229 am CET or 5 pm CET (1h)

BASELABS Dynamic Grid Webinar with Liang Zhang and Marcus Obst

If your environmental model requires more than object fusion, but static objects and free space in addition, then you may want to seize the opportunity to get detailed insights into BASELABS Dynamic Grid in our upcoming webinar (English). Both webinars will give engineers insights on:

  • What is BASELABS Dynamic Grid and what are typical applications
  • How does it perform in exemplary use cases
  • How to use BASELABS Dynamic Grid in your organization, including a live demo

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‌Behind the scenes – Peter and Patrick work for an even better environmental model

Since October, Peter Weissig and Patrick Böttner are working at BASELABS as software developers in one of our development teams. This team's main task is to estimate the direction of travel of lanes detected in the environment of a vehicle on behalf of a well-known automotive supplier.

Peter has already worked on sensor data fusion as a research assistant at the Chemnitz University of Technology. Patrick masters the art of software development by bringing in 7 years of programming experience. The two complement each other very well in their professions and can always learn from each other.
BASELABS aims to make a start for new team members as easy as possible and support the mutual exchange. New team members particularly appreciate having a  structured onboarding and a mentor who always accompanies them.

We are happy to have welcomed a total of 5 new software developers to the team in the last few months. We have further open positions.
Get to know us as a Great Place to Work® and apply.

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